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PulseDecci software (c) RIKEN

PulseDecci is pulse generator software (/programming example) that runs on a Rasberry Pi (raspi). For now, there are two output channels and an optional start trigger input channel. Download documentation and software (gzipped tar, python3 codes). (To extract files: tar xvzf PulseDecci-1.01.tgz )
Keywords: square wave genarator, GPIO programming, python (python3), multithread, raspberry pi, raspi, one-key input, electrophysiology and/or behavioral experiments, Raspbian OS (Jessie), run as "pi" user to get seamless access to GPIO.

Random drawings

The drawings below are public domain. Free to use, free to modify, and no need to acknowledge (although it would be nice). svg and eps files can be read by vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Hint: right-click, "save the destination as..." to save svg, png, or eps files.

CA1 pyramidal neurons CA1 錐体細胞 image(png) , eps, svg
rodent protoplasmic astrocytes 原形質アストロサイト(ネズミ) image(png) , eps, svg
neurons (pyramidal cells) for schematic diagram イラスト用神経細胞(錐体細胞) image(png) , eps, svg
astrocytes for schematic diagram イラスト用アストロサイト image(png) , eps, svg
rodent medium spiny neurons 中型有棘神経細胞(ネズミ) image(png) , eps, svg
marmoset microglia ミクログリア(マーモセット) image(png) , eps, svg
mice or rats
(modified from original drawings by Aki Hosoya)
ネズミ image(png) , eps, svg
audio amplifier & speaker オーディオアンプとスピーカー image(png) , eps, svg
oscilloscope オシロスコープ image(png) , eps, svg

To the extent possible under law, Hajime Hirase has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to neuron glia rats mice marmosets. This work is published from: 日本.